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Sharp pain in left side of abdomen
dellcomputer123 posted:
I am 24 years old and have Crohns disease. I have stomach aches all the time but this time is different. It is a stomach pain in the left side of my abdomen in the middle of my stomach about belly button level (about two inches above and below but on the left). Went to sleep Sunday night with a slight stomach ache (nothing new with the Crohns and choosing to eat a cheeseburger) but woke with this sharp pain. It hurts when I push on it and it hurts very much when I lift my left leg.

I missed a birth control pill this month and had some spotting and what looked like the beginning of a period, but then was back on track a few days later, so I'm thinking it could just be really bad cramps as I am getting my period this Thursday. Only issue is this pain is constant where as my cramps typically come and go.
I woke up with this Monday morning, and assumed it would be gone by the next morning. Originally Monday morning it wasn't centralized to the left side. I actually poked my right side on Monday and that caused the pain, but now it is only my left side in pain. Woke up today (Tuesday) still in the pain and as I type this now at 6pm it's still there. Hoping tomorrow will be different, but looking for some input. Thank you!
hannahleigh89 responded:
What are your bowel movements like? Are they a normal consistency for you or has there been change? I don't think it's period related since it's so high up in your abdomen, usually those cramps are much lower and centrally located.

If you've not been having regular bowel movements, it could be a constipation issue. Or it could be the normal gassy crampiness that comes with Crohn's. Or you could have eaten something that has your bowels irritated. Do you usually have pain with your disease, or is it fairly inactive? It's kind of hard to give advice without more information to go on. Hope you feel better soon though!
dellcomputer123 replied to hannahleigh89's response:
Thanks for your response. I'm officially on day 4. Bowel movements are regular and they don't change the pain at all. The only thing I would notice is when I can feel gas moving in my body the pain seems to strengthen a bit. Beyond that actual bowel movements are fine. I usually have pain with my Crohn's but never pain like this, pain with my Crohn's is typically more of a stomachache which results in using the bathroom. Occasionally I'll have days where I feel bloated all day, but never beyond one day. Last night I was feeling pretty terrible all over and running a body temp of about 100.8. I just started a new job so I can't really afford time off to go see a doctor just yet. I suppose I'll have to see how I feel after work today and maybe go to the ER or walk-in.
hannahleigh89 replied to dellcomputer123's response:
Yeah, with a fever that high, you need to be seen.

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