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Doctor has me confused and lets me down
Isarae posted:
I was diagnosed with GERD 2 yrs ago and Cronhs last January. I suffered with chronis GERD symptoms for 4 months before he found the right med for me. That is WAY too long. My GI states my Cronhs is mild yet his letter stated moderate. He said I did not have Hiatus Hernia yet I saw that on my report! I return often reporting frequent runs, cramping, being isolated due to the unpredictability and embarrassing issues that have occurred in public. He refuses to give me medications stating mine is not that bad yet. If this is not bad then I fear my future! There are times when I have no control and I am noticing more and more foods are on my list of "never have again". Last week I felt great, ate a few green grapes and was humiliated shortly after with gas and a horrible case of runs. He has not given me information nor connected me to supports and just downplays everything I say. I see him again tomorrow and feel like cancelling. What's the use? I asked my GP to refer to me another and that will take months. I am sick of doctors "not listening" and getting information mixed up.
Isarae responded:
I want to know what is my cronhs and what is possibly a food allergy reaction? I have been having weekly symptoms since January so based on what my GI says, I am confused. What is a flare up? What is remission? What is what?

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