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colitis - rectal pain
shadetree posted:
recently diagnosed with inflammatory colitis. some symptoms have relaxed except that I have severe rectal pain, itch, sore. Even walking is difficult. The feeling of having to "go" constantly. My ? is what do you do about the rectal pain? I have tried prep H (in & out) but it's not working. HELP
hannahleigh89 responded:
Sounds like you have some pretty severe hemorrhoids or fissures going on. I'm not really sure what to tell you about it. Drink lots of fluids to help make your stools easier to pass and less traumatic to your rectum. If you've tried Prep H, have you tried Tucks pads, Sitz baths, calmoseptine, any of that? And I know it's still but maybe using an ice pack for a little while after a BM might help. If you have fissures, you may need something like Nystatin ointment/powder to help keep it from becoming infected.

I use the calmoseptine when I start to get the butt burn, but mine is from diarrhea. Yours may be a different culprit.

The feeling of constantly needing to go is a common symptom with Colitis, but I don't know if there's anything you can do to relieve it. I no longer have my colon due to a Colitis/Crohn's combo, so I always feel that way, too.
arbob5 replied to hannahleigh89's response:
Hi Hannah...we've missed you, but also know you're busy with school!!!

Calmoseptine has helped my butt also. A neighbor recommended it and it has worked for me.

And you are so correct...drink a lot of fluids. This is so important. There were times that I just didn't think I could get another swallow of some sort of fluid, but I did because it was so helpful in softening my stools.

So far so good with my colitis, but now my GI thinks that my UC is in remission and I just have IBS. Normal for awhile, then somewhat constipated, then some diarrhea, etc. etc. No bleeding at all, unless my hemorroids decide to
"pop". That's my description for those son of a guns!! I am scheduled for a colonscopy in January. My GI doesn't think he will find anything suspicious, but this is precautionary. We all need to have one when it is time/needed. My hip surgery in July gave me problems, but that is well past now. Thank God!

Shadetree, our dear Hannah is so well versed/informed,been there done that, and we can all learn from her. She's a real gem. Always has excellent advice, so we are so lucky to have her. Heed her advice. Take care and keep us updated on how you're doing.

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