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Anyone had the Prometheus 7 Blood Test to diagnose Crohn's
Devin2004 posted:
and do you think it is accurate?? Reason being is DH has been to his Dr. after having a ruptured appendix a few weeks ago, Fast forward, he has some inflamation according to the hospital results from the tests they ran so they send him for further testing, Barium Swallow with lower GI, this blood test and a few others and the Dr. is now telling him he believes he has Crohn's. He has had none of the other symptoms associated with Crohn's and from what we have read about this blood test it is not very accurate either. He has not had a colonoscopy and I am assuming that is the next test on the list but we are both stumped on how he could come up with this diagnosis with none of the other accompanying symptoms. Thanks for any input & assistance.
jaimem92 responded:
When I was diagnosed, they had done some lab work(not sure what it was now) Also had a CT and a capsule endoscopy. The Barium Swallow w/ lower GI could have detected the Crohn's disease depending on where it was. I've heard lately that more Dr's are going to just doing CT's or capsule endoscopies to diagnose diseases like Crohn's due to the fact that they're less invasive.
majic65 responded:
I have had fecal incontenence and diarrhea for 4 years--no one believes
me. I have had 3 colonoscopies in 4 years, the camera endoscopy,, stool studies, and last week I had a CT on my lower GI. Plus every blood test known to man,except this Promethesis thing, Now my GI doc wants to do that, and ANOTHER colonoscopy, this time with biopsies. Everything so far has been totally normal, and I am fed up. One GI said I had Chrone's, one said I \"only had IBS". I took Welchol and several other meds for Chrone's. Nothing.
So I am going to call a halt to the entire thing, I believe, and just wear my depends and stay home for the rest of my life--I'm 68. Beside, apparently if my ins.doesn't cover the Promethius, I can't afford it anyway. Oh, BTW--I live in Fla, which is the bottoom of the medical food chain. Stay away, stay FAR FAR away.
red305 responded:
Several previous colonoscopies have shown ulcerations new ithe Iliuem. My last one had a narrowing in area of small intestine and he could not view the the ulcers. Dr. very concerned. Did a camera swallow and found numerous ulcerations. Sent me to Mayo for double balloon to further examine and biopsy. Dr, confirmed Crohns and no cancer. After hearing affects off drugs I opted to go natural for 3 months. Eliminating all wheat products, dairy and refined sugar to start with. I am working with a health specialist.

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