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Suspicious Crohns
skee9302 posted:
Good Morning All. I am a 26 year old mother with crohns disesase. Currently I am in full blown flare up and can barely walk. I was thinking back to what my doctor said when he received the blood work testing back for my diagnosis. I was informed that I have suspicious crohns. At the time I was in the hospitial for another condition and didn't ask questions. Does anyone know what suspicious crohns is? How does it cary from regular crohns and why does it only affect 2% of crohns patients? I have been in a full flare up with no remission for about 2 years. Starting while I was pregnant with my son. I have no insurance and no medication. I feel like I have lost it all and am ready to give up the fight. Please help. Information is my only resource right now.
JesseCorlett responded:
Sorry to hear about your 2 year flare up skee, i know what it feels like and its the worst, it would especially be hard on you with a son too care for whilst going through this struggle.

The only time I have heard doctors say "suspicious crohns" was before i got a colonoscopy when they weren't 100% sure that it was crohns but most related to crohns - since there is other Inflamatory Bowel Diseases (IBD's).

I think this has to do with doctor jargon with the word suspicious, its just not 100% until you have had the test that can diagnose the problem.

But then again im not really an expert just putting my 2 cents in and don't understand why the doctor said 2% of crohn's patients have suspicious crohns.

Stay strong skee and don't give up!

Dietician has told me for flare ups (which are usually in my intestines) to follow a low fibre diet.

* Chew all food well. If a food cannot be thoroughly chewed, it should be avoided. Cooking your food well can sometimes make it easier to chew.

* Avoid any food that is tough and/or stringy eg. tough gristly meat

* Some people find that in order to avoid symptoms they need to have soft/puree foods and/or nutricious fluids only.

Why reduce fibre intake?
For a healthy person a high fibre intake is good for keeping bowels healthy. However in people at risks of blockages it is necessary to limit the amount of food residue passing through the bowels.

Some foods that contain fibre: fruits, vegetables, wholegrain/wholemeal breads and cereals, nuts and seeds, legumes - lentils, beans etc

Sorry this reply got long and out of hand =/ I guess go really plain with foods - change wholemeal bread to white bread. Hard vegetables to really steamed soft vegetables. Brown rice to white rice. Crunchy peanut butter.

Also don't smoke you have 65% more chance to get flare up from remission and smoking in flare ups just make it a whole lot worse, trust me.

I really do wish you luck
Sorry if this advice has nothing to do with your type of crohns

I'm sure other members can add to this discussion alot more helpful stuff then myself.

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