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Body Ache?
Ruby00 posted:
I am 26 years old and have had crohns for over 15 years, I havent had any bad flare ups for a long time, Lately it's not so much a stomach thing, I do know what causes me to flare and watch carefully but lately I've been having alot of back and joint pain. I dont know if this is related to crohns or not? I had some blood done and they didn't find high level of inflamation,could having crohns make this test show up less since I deal with it all the time? I'm really just not sure what to do but my bones just seem to hurt so much I dont want to do anything. Anyone else have this?
hannahleigh89 responded:
Yep! I don't know if it's related to the Crohn's or not though. I finally had to go see a chiropractor because I couldn't move my head and I was miserable and it turns out I have scoliosis. I've had Xrays done of several of the major joints in my body and I'm told that it's "just arthritis." But how does a 23 year old (like, maybe 19 at the time of the Xrays) have arthritis in hips, knees, shoulders, neck... Everywhere. My fingers have really begun to bother me and the joints have been swelling and I had a nodule on one for a couple of days. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have rheumatoid arthritis, because autoimmune disorders are more likely once you already have an issue with your immune system. But I've only recently begun wondering and I've not done anything about it yet.

So I don't know, to answer your question, but I know what you're going through! If you were on steroid therapy for very long, you could have some osteoarthritis stuff going on. They may need to do a bone density scan or something along those lines.

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