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    Colitis is not a life sentence!
    LaurieBeth posted:
    Please don't despair if you have been diagnosed with IBD. My teen-aged daughter was diagnosed with colitis 2 years ago, after her hemoglobin registered 4.9. After a summer of despair and life threatening side effects to Asacol and steroids, she has had no symptoms for the last year and a half, while taking no medications. This week her hemoglobin was 14.2, without even taking iron. I prayed for wisdom, and I believe God led me to make some changes in our lifestyle: #1 Enzymes. Start with the cheapest ones (I buy them from Whole Foods), and the lowest dosage. If you don't feel comfortable taking these, fresh pineapple is loaded with natural enzymes. #2 No high fructose corn syrup. Stay away from most soda pops! Instead, buy retro Pepsi or Whole Foods brand 2-liters which contain sugar and taste identical to the name brands. Buy 100% grape juice and natural maple syrup (this change is the most costly in $). #3 Try to buy all-natural or organic when you can. Change 5 items that you normally buy to all-natural. For me it was processed flavored rice (now I buy Far East brand), potato chips, grapes (only organic!!!), raw chicken, and yogurt (probiotic only) #4 Try making homemade pancakes with organic plain yogurt in place of the milk, with whole wheat white flour (King Arthur) , olive oil, and topped with the aforementioned syrup-this gets us all feeling healthy and regular! #5 Ginger and tumeric are supposed to ease flare-ups. I can't tell if they have made much difference-but can't hurt. Trader Joes has triple ginger cookies with actual ginger chunks. I am pray (literally) for you all, and I hope that you will receive healing as my daughter has. Blessings!
    hannahleigh89 responded:
    Yeah, because everybody with severe UC can tolerate pineapple and wheat.
    arbob5 replied to hannahleigh89's response:
    Hannah, I'm glad you're back. Missed you and was worried about you too.

    I agree...and I know I couldn't survive on pineapple and wheat. I didn't respond to this post because I didn't quite know what to say.

    LaurieBeth, I have read your post several times, and really did not quite know how to respond. While this has worked for your daughter, and thank God for that, it isn't a "diet" that I could follow very easily. My husband and I are both retired and we both have medical issues, I am the one with UC, and I do know that if I follow good eating habits (what I mean by that is, I know what my system can tolerate and what it can't), I do fine. My husband, on the other hand, is careful what he eats because he has had throat cancer and quadruple heart surgery. All of his problems have been many years ago, and with exercise and being "smart" with what he eats, he does OK. So, our eating habits are, we feel, pretty much under control and we're doing just fine at this time.

    Again happy this has worked for your daughter.That's what is important here.

    Again, welcome back Hannah!!!! Hope all is well with you.

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