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Reversal Surgery question
cindy1270 posted:
I had to have emergency surgery in September 2012 for a ruptured colon which resulted in an ileostomy. This came from a Crohns flare up, which caused an abcess, and so on and so on. My surgeon has said a reversal is possible in June, but my Crohns dr is against it because he says I could have more problems than I did before the ileostomy. I was wondering if anyone with Crohns has had a revesal surgery and what the results have been. I really want this done, however now I'm scared to get myself in worse shape. My bag does ok other than a constant burning around the stoma due to leakage. I'm trying to get that worked out as well. Any suggestions /info would be great! Thank you!
hannahleigh89 responded:
I had my ileostomy reversed a little over two years ago, I guess. I still have strange issues, like if I sit down for too long, when I stand up, it sometimes feels like my pouch is having spasms. And I have other issues with bowel and bladder spasms, which I'm thinking also have a little to do with my surgery. But for the most part, it's been great. I had the surgery to reverse it a few months before I started nursing school, and I'll be graduating in a couple months. So being able to do 12 hour shifts and school and all of that was made possible because I had the reversal.
I only had my ileostomy for about six months though. And it was miserable. So any change was better than that stupid bag.
Everybody is different though. I have no colon left and no rectal tissue. Just small intestine. Different parts result in different issues. Hope this helps.

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