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newly diagnosed and scared
scaredtodeath posted:
newly diagnosed and scared scaredtodeath posted: Hi. My mom died from colon cancer at age 42. She had ulcerative colitis first. I was diagnosed last week with UC, and gatritis. *8 days in hospital. with 2 antibiotics running IV all 8 days. Went in hospital with 8-12 BM's daily. Diarrhea, green, or pasty peach color, small amount each time. On day 7, BM's slowed, started to thicken. Sent me home on day 8 with no meds at all, not even oral antibiotics. Day 5 out of hospital, same symptoms start again. Yesterday Dr. put me on Flagyl again for 14 days, then off to a gastroenterologist My question is, has anyone of you had this happen. I eat, and within a hour or two, feel pressure.dull ache in my hips and butt. Go have a BM and it is nothing like a BM. Little bit of light green,light orange funny looking stuff. When I wiped today it was nothing but mucus and clear looking stuff. Please, have any of you had anything like this? .All help is truly appreciated. I am afraid of all this. Thank all of you for anything you can offer
miserable_sob responded:
I'm sorry to hear about your mom. If Ulcerative Colitis is caught early enough, you have less to worry about. You're actually fortunate to easily be able to find all the alternative meds and diets on the internet. There's all kinds of probiotics you can choose from now. I didn't have that kind of luck back in the 80's when I came down with UC. Now I only wish I had my colon back.
taylor240 responded:
I understand your concern. I have CD and my brother died from colon cancer at 44. Do you like your gastro? Confident in his or her abilities? The right doctor can make all the difference. You may also want to visit a nutrionist to see what foods will help. Good luck! We're all in this together.

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