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Sunnya7 posted:
I Have UC and I was just woundering what you all take for pain? I have a lot of pain when I am have flair ups. thanks
hannahleigh89 responded:
Right now, I have hydrocodone 10-650 that I take for pain during a flare. I am also on amitriptyline (100mg at bed time) for what my doctor has called irritable pouch syndrome and Celexa (20mg daily) for irritable bowel. The last two aren't specifically for pain, but they control some of the unpleasant sensations that I would otherwise have by blocking those impulses. I also take Bentyl 20mg for spasms/cramping. Again, Bentyl isn't a pain medication but it has helped tremendously.

I had both UC and Crohn's but I had my entire large intestine removed in 2010 so I no longer have UC, just the Crohn's. But I still have some lovely symptoms.

If you don't have any prescription pain medication, it's hard to decide what medication to take for pain. NSAIDs are generally recommended for inflammatory disorders, but they increase GI upset and the risk for GI bleeding, so they are sometimes contraindicated in UC. Tylenol doesn't really do anything for inflammation and it can be hard on your liver, which is often hit hard by other medications you have to take for UC. Is there any chance you could call your doctor and speak with them or a nurse that might be able to recommend something?
miserable_sob responded:
I'm wondering what kind of pain you're having when you have flare ups? I had lots of them, that even required hospitalization. The only pain I can remember then was irritated skin. For that I found nothing works better than zinc oxide cream. If you can find it in more of a gel form, that provides a better barrier.
Sunnya7 replied to miserable_sob's response:
I am not talking about a rash, I am talking about pain in the tummy area
boots53 replied to Sunnya7's response:
I take asacol and dycoclamin and hydrocodone 10-325, I know those cramps can hurt and you want relief,talk to a pain managment dr, about it.
zeppy321 replied to hannahleigh89's response:
Hi ,I have Chrohn's- my doctors don't want to give me opiates for my pain because they think they will constipate me but I have been on them every time I have a flare up and I think they make me more regular . right now I'm eating tylenol like candy and it is not helping with the pain. I don't know what to do - do they not believe I'm in pain ugh I just want some relief
greywolfrn replied to zeppy321's response:
Specialists tend to stick with what they know and are comfortable with. I've found the older md's still hold on the what they learned and when. They stick with colleagues who are like minded.

I would see a pain specialist and explain that your GI doc is not handling your pain. Make a list of the meds that help you ( if you know) and bring you chart or records of you can. Try to find a practice who has younger physicians. Unless you know someone is open to using opioids when needed. There are still some physicians who believe opioids are only for terminal pain. They are just not willing to step out of the world they know and their personal beliefs can be strong.

Keep looking. Always take you test results. You have valid reasons to request pain relief. Also check the Internet for pain clinics in your area. It is not considered " unprofessional " for medical professionals to advertise.

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