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crohns or not
fdalton posted:
just spent 2 lovely days in the hospital. as usual the cramping i have had on and off for 7 years sent me there. it was sudden onset and not really painful just like having a baby without the baby in the end. i was told years ago i had crohns. but the doctor i had this visit said the ct i had doesnt show wall thickening, i had a massive infection (white cell count was 22,000 versus a normal persons 6,000) i have never had any bleeding or lesions in my mouth as he looked for. he is telling me i have something else and told me to go home and do my homework and get records from my drs that say i was diagnosed crohns. he told me he would be surprised if i actually have the disease. so now i am confused. what the heck is wrong with me. i appreciate anyones ideas or comments.
miserable_sob responded:
From what I've seen doctors screw up at diagnosing Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis all the time. Many a times they've mistaken one for the other. I'm not ruling other illnesses out in your case though.
kaj2313 responded:
I was tested about 8yrs ago and was told " I know not what's wrong with you." The Dr. sent me to Mayo Clinic. After all the tests I was told I have Crohn's and could be treated at home. When I got back home the Dr. didn't believe that I had Crohn's and told me there was no real evidence. After a year of no help in my home town I went back to Mayo and ended up having a reseaction. I was to the point that my intestines where smaller than a pencil and wouldn't strech do to scare tissue. They removed 10inches and then 2 yrs later had to have scare tissue removed. Had a re check this week and I've been in remission for 2yrs now. So I say get another Dr to check things out! Don't take the word of 1 because they make mistakes. I was told most of my life I had IBS. No one would take me serious. Well until I lost 40 lbs in 6 months!
Just keep digging until you find someone you trust!
Good Luck!

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