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I Can Empathize
PRExecutive posted:
This is hard to explain in words but I first want to let Miserable know that u r not alone in ur struggles n or ur feelings. It is those that r being so judgemental that r "Acting fake, unhelpful, n lack any empathy, or true knowledge of dignity n respect 4 others."
I had BAD Ulcerative Colitis 4 10 or more yrs. Eventually it turned into Colon Cancer. I was told Ihad to have a total colectomy which would be followed by a temporary bag until my wounds heal. Then I will be given a new life with a j-pouch. N not to worry cuz now I'd b much better off than I ever was with Colitis.
It's been about 10 of my worst years of life with the exception of the ones I love.
Withouth getting into detail I suffer severe pain, diarrhea, constipation, enema, edema, lymphodema, pouchitis, regular blackages, constant cramps, lack of sleep, low testosterone levels, weakness, tiredness, depression, I could go on...........................
The only reason I don't want to die is because I wouldn't want to leave my great amazing beautiful stupendous tremendous fantastic wonderful .......... daughter fatherless and or hurt anyone else I Ilove. My life is miserable. I would choose Colitis over this any day and don't get me wrong Colitis was horrible but far less symptoms and much more treatable and predictable but it was also very bad but this is worse.
However I do agree with seeking therapy and using anti-depressants. With the right ones they can help.
Never the less I take meds like candy and can't function without them.
And oh yeah I had a bag that was worse in so many ways...................

But Miserable don't give up I too am struggling n I definitely feel ur pain. Where r u from anyway. I'm from N.Y. maybe we could talk u could e-mail me at
Again any real help and not just be strong have faith change diet or get a bag let me know here or e me. Even meds surgeries whatever I'm at my breaking point n ready to just give up..........................
miserable_sob responded:
I'm trying to get my hands on VSL3 now. I can't afford it, many other can't afford that overpriced probiotic too. Even if I can never afford it, I'm not going to shed any tears over it. That's because I've tried plenty of probiotics already and they're all failures in my case. That's why I have my doubts about VSL3. There's not much if anything you can really do to overcome the laws of physics.
arbob5 replied to miserable_sob's response:
Try a Canadian pharmacy. I have a friend who buys VSL3 from Canada and it is somewhat less expensive..
jarabb responded:
I am going through the same thing, but have only been living with my j pouch for 6 months. I was told that I would get my life back, feel great and have so much energy. I have been miserable. It seems to be getting worse with time. The Drs have tried me on lots of meds. Nothing helps. I hate it. I have been considering getting the ileostomy back. As much as I don't want to live with that forever, I felt better when I had one. Both options suck! I feel like I don't have any good options left.
miserable_sob replied to jarabb's response:
I understand your feelings 1000% Jarabb. There really isn't any good options left. I've been waiting for just that 25 years now. I'm stuck in a state of Purgatory now with my pouch. I hate it but what other choices do I really have? For the time being the answer is "nada."

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