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Not sure if I want to start Remicade
mellyg05 posted:
Hello All,

Hopefully someone responds to this. I'm on Cimzia for a few years. Prednisone 10mg, been having a flare up since the end of May. I had a colonoscopy recently and have a lot of inflamation. My doctor feels that since I've been having alot of flare ups while on Cimzia and going on Prednisone a lot, I should now start Remicade.

I'm not ready to go on Remicade yet and I want to see if improving my diet and/or adding liquid diets while staying on Cimzia would help.

Any suggestions??


hannahleigh89 responded:
I don't really know what to tell you. I was on Cimzia for roughly six months after having been on Remicade for nearly four years and then having my colon removed. It did nothing for me. I also tried Humira for around the same length of time, and again, had no luck whatsoever. Have you tried the Humira and methotrexate combo? Methotrexate is scarier to me than Remicade, but it's usually just a shot once a week so it might not bother you as much as a four hour infusion.

I was on Remicade, like I said, for nearly four years. I never had any kind of negative reaction or side effect from it, aside from flu-like symptoms for roughly a week after the infusion.

I'm now on Tysabri because nothing else has worked, and to me, it is also much scarier than Remicade.

You can always try to improve your diet but you probably already know how to do that so I'm not sure that it is really what you are wanting to do. If there is anything in specific that you have questions about, I can try to answer them. But other than that, Remicade is not so bad and it has been a miracle drug for a lot of people. Try to look past the potential side effects and focus on the positive.

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