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Ulcerative Colitis: Humira vs Remicade
An_254193 posted:
I am 66 years old and have had ulcerative colitis for 29 years. The last years I have been on Asacol. I have also been using Cortizone enema during flares. Since my flares have become so frequent in the last five years, my doc prescribed Humira. However, I am on Medicare, and I am shocked at the price. My co-pay for the starter kits was $280!! Do the next months cost the same, or does the cost go down? The nurses are looking into the cost of Remicade. Is that going to cost less? What about side effects. I am allergic to Imuran, sulfa drugs and penicillin. Any advise out there?
hannahleigh89 responded:
The Humira starter kit will probably cost quite a bit more than your normal supply of Humira. Usually, they have to give a loading dose before you start your normal dosage. When I was on Humira, my loading dose consisted of 8 shots in one day. Then my regular dosing was going to be one shot every two weeks. Plus, the starter kit comes with a little fake pen to practice injecting and all of that, so I would think that it will be cheaper after you get your loading dose done.

Remicade is very, very expensive. When I was on it, each vial cost over $2,000, and because I had limited response to it, I had to receive the maximum dose of 4 vials every 6 weeks. They do have programs that can help cover the cost of copays, but I think Humira may, too. Unfortunately, I don't have much information but maybe you could ask the nurses if they know of any programs like that.
valuc2011 responded:
I started humira in Nov 2013 when remicade no longer worked. Not really sure if it ever worked. Never been in total remission since diagnosed in 2011. I only pay $5.00 for a month's supply. Not sure if you need insurance to get this but you should call 1-800-448-6472 and see what they can tell you. My gi doctor put me in contact with a humira representative when I started and she signed me up. First dose was even just $5. Hope this can help you.

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