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medical cures
pharmageddon posted:
hmmm seems there are no cures for any digestive issues only treatments. Does anyone know of anything there is a cure for from medicine.Certainly not chrons,ibs,cancer, heart disease, osteoporisis,diabetes,ms,parkinsons,alzheimers,or any other disease I can think of. Not one, oh sure they can throw some antibiotics into the body and cure TB or some of those that respond to antibiotics, but there are no real cures from the medical profession. Does it seem that medicine is fixated on treatments instead of cures? Does anyone know of any disease that can be cured by a doctor. Not a sickness like the flu but a real disease. Are there any? Are we being taken for a ride by big pharma and the AMA?
hannahleigh89 responded:
There are a lot of conditions that can be cured. Obviously none of the chronic ones that you have listed can, but that's why they are known as chronic diseases and not "sicknesses," as you put it. And tuberculosis is treated, not really cured, by the antibiotic regimen. The purpose of TB treatment is to get the disease to be latent or inactive, because in the latent stage, you don't have symptoms and aren't usually contagious. The flu isn't really curable either. The treatment for the flu usually focuses on treating the symptoms until the illness runs its course. And there are many types of cancer that are curable with chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical intervention. I feel like you are trying to misrepresent a lot of information, and I don't honestly understand your purpose for doing that.

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