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Symptoms of Possible Colitis
An_255586 posted:
Im currently studying and living in Spain with a host family and have been to the doctor 4 times in the past month. It started with a week of painful constipation, followed by a week of diarrhea mixed with blood. A stool sample showed a FCP level of 310 (the highest it should be for my age is 51) indicating inflamed intestines and my doctor has scheduled a colonoscopy to look for colitis. My host parents are sure there is nothing wrong and that I have no reason to return to the doctor, and that it was just something I ate. I plan to follow the directions of my doctor but I basically just want some feedback to confirm I'm not crazy and that these symptoms could be indicative of a bigger problem. If I did eat something that upset my stomach would it affect my FCP that much?
hannahleigh89 responded:
I've never heard of FCP until you posted this. I Googled it, and as you said, apparently it measures the level of inflammation in the colon. This could definitely correspond with UC, but I would think that it would not necessarily be indicative of the disease. Have you had any other symptoms prior to this episode? Do you have any other accompanying symptoms? Because it is very likely that it is an isolated incident. Having bloody diarrhea can just be a result of an inflamed colon, which could be caused by infection or dietary changes or a number of things, really.

I don't think that you should write it off as nothing wrong, but I think you shouldn't try to jump to any conclusions just yet either. With what you've told us, I think it is too soon to tell and that you should continue to follow up with a doctor for more testing. You are not crazy. Just try not to get too upset just yet, because it may be something that can easily be resolved. I think a colonoscopy is probably a good idea.
miserable_sob responded:
After what I went through with Ulcerative Colitis, 1 week of nothing but diarrhea mixed with blood could mean there's a probability you do have colitis. Try going on a diet now, that can ease the symptoms of colitis. A friend of mine swears by aloe vera juice. Other people are saying nicotine patches eases their symptoms. I guess you could say smoking does too but that's not worth the trade off. Either way since you have a ton of information at the tips of your fingers, use it.

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