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ulcerative colitis WITHOUT ULCERS??
cityofroses1 posted:
25 yr old male here. Problems started at 22.

Ulcerative colitis WITHOUT ulcers??
Is that even possible?? Doctors are swearing I have ulcerative colitis..but there are no ulcers when they did colonoscopy (about 2 years ago). WEIRD. All they said was colon was inflamed.

Nowadays, I have loose stools and most times urgency to use the restroom.NO BLOOD. NEVER HAD ANY PAIN..only when I USED to drink sodas, the carbonation would cause some pain that went away with bowel movements.

I had c-diff before, and that's when all the problems started. The GI doctor says that I have had IBD my whole life, just that there were no symptoms.

When my problems first started 2.5 years ago, I left the diarrhea untreated for like 3 months. I kept trying new things, then eventually gave up. The doctor suggests that my colon got weaker in that 2-3 month span and that's when the c-diff grew rampant. ALSO I had bleeding during the c-diff episode.

Fast forward--> C diff was treated within 2/3 months (2 years ago) Bleeding has stopped since then.

Doctors are swearing it is NOT chrons because of where the inflammation is in the colon. so, they say I have UC.

Also, am negative for infections/salmonella and all that stuff as they have done stool samples.

Milk and heavy cheese (like pizza) affect me negatively.A single slice of cheese is no bid deal. Also, if I eat honey, jelly, pancakes/syrup in the morning, it seems those things irritate my colon negatively. right away it makes me go to the restroom.

I have been on asacol which SEEMED to help me? then was discontinued, now the pills are DELZICOL, which is the NEW asacol..needless to say, they are NOT helping.

idk .
WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?? pls someone help me out.
arbob5 responded:
UC is frustrating, to put it mildly. I was dx with UC about 6 years ago, and it seems like nothings i explainable! I truly mean that. I went into remission a couple of times, and then, all of a sudden, here it comes again, no rhyme nor reason why it returns.

I have been dx with c diff 4 Dr. now says it appears it is colonized. What? Can't understand that but boy, I am the lucky one, right? Have never been hospitalized with it, and the "attacks" are coming less frequent, but still, no real explanation. However, probiotics are a big help. I was on one for several years, Dr. Swanson's Ultimate Formula Probiotic, and it worked wonders for me. But now my Dr. wants me on Florastor and that has done a lot. I don't think it's something you can stay on indefinitely, but it certainly does take care of the c diff and diarrhea. I just don't know when the next attack will happen tho.

UC is, as I said before, is frustrating. And one drug or suggestion may help one person but doesn't even make a dent in this disease for another person. I have been on Lialda for 5 years and it does help, but it's so expensive and it has now put me in the "donut hole" as far as my drug coverage. Oh well, that was bound to happen.

I would only suggest to maybe try the probiotics and keep in touch with your Dr. My gastro Dr.'s nurse has been such a help to me and is always there when I have questions or need answers. She listens to me, talks that over with the Dr., and gets back to me ASAP, and I mean usually within 15 to 30 minutes.

Do the best you can and one of these days you will be surprised at how all of a sudden your symptoms have eased up and/or disappeared. Don't let your symptoms get worse without letting your Dr. know about it. No explanation tho for the problems coming and going. Keep in touch here tho..we like to hear from others with the same condition and can usually offer support and new ideas.

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