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Pamper your Bum... As often as Possible
rednewbie posted:
Most of you have heard this, but for you Newbies.. Trust me on this tip. Pamper your Bum, to keep your bum from getting raw and sore use moist toilettes that are flushables each time you go if possible. I prefer Preparation H wipes or Tucks, and I keep them in each bathroom and keep portables ones in my purse and car.

For those of us, who go many times a day toilet paper is too much for bottoms and its hard to clean an area that hurts when you wipe. To prevent any clogging, only flush one down at a time.

You can buy portable Preparation H wipes at Drugmart and Walgreens. I piurchase my Tucks and wipes for at home at costco. They are small price to pay for less pain.

I hope that helps someone!
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Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
You aren't kidding.

For some reason we bought old style Scott's TP and it is way not bum friendly. I find myself having to soak quite a bit after bms.
Skytrooper82 responded:
I have the deal with loose stool and the burning on a daily basis and the best thing I have found is to wash your but with a mild soap and use a hand held shower head to rinse. And then use A and D ointment the same ointment you use for a babies diaper rash.It is a lot cheaper than Prep. H wipes..

I hope this helps
Skytrooper82 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
See my response to rednewbie....
readinglovebug responded:
Definitely do pamper it! I have also found that Cottonelle Wet Wipes...the Soothing ones work really great. Especially when it is time for the dreaded colonoscopy. It helps you feel clean and also a lot less burn.
CRattan responded:
My doctor recommended Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion. It is more soothing than wipes and is used in the hospitals for women who have given birth. It is available at CVS and Walgreens in a 3 oz bottle. It's especially helpful for cleanliness when you are not at home!
NeanD responded:
Recently I have tried several things, all of which have been mentioned. Today I tried cleaning with Cottonelle pads then using Balmex and it worked great!
rednewbie replied to Skytrooper82's response:
I found when I have burning stools, the kind that feels like a little flame thrower lives in your bathroom waiting for you to come back. ... I have to cut out all citric acid, which means gatorade, propel, kool aid, etc. all acid. within a few days the burning goes away. I do not know why sometimes the citric acid is unbearable and yet other times I can drink nothing but propel without any issues. But citric acid seems to be my burning issue.
I hope that helps, because that little flame thrower is very painful.
jazzshaman responded:
As far as at home goes, and if you can afford it, attach a bidet to your toilet (or install one in your bathroom if you're rich). This is truly the most gentle and paper-saving way of cleaning up. It shouldn't take much paper to just dry up afterward. Of course, as I said, it's a matter of what you can afford. I wish now that I had bought one when I had money. When I do again, I will have a bidet on my shopping list.

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