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Should children be endurance athletes?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
There was a very interesting story in the NY Times recently about two sisters (ages 10 & 12) who are becoming known in the women's running circuit.

Their athletic prowess is amazing, but not all the experts agree that they should be taking on the races they're running at their ages.

What do you think? When are kids too young to take part in endurance sports? And, do you think the kids really want it or do the parents push?

brunosbud responded:
Kids should not come with brakes. The greatest attribute that Michael Phelps has? His mom.
hootyowl2 responded:
NO. It will mess with their hormonal development, they get injured easier also. Let them run for fun, and play games like normal kids. They do not need to be so competitive at such a young age. NO olympics either.

I think it is the parents being pushy and pushing their own dreams on their kids. A parent's job is to say no now and then when something is not good for their kids.


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