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Breast Augmentation: Yes or No?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Over the years, breast augmentation has been all the rage in Hollywood, and it has seemed to get more popular with folks from all walks of life in recent years.

Should anyone have breast augmentation done?

What is your belief?
midcenturion responded:
I am a medical professional, and I do not believe that anyone should subject their bodies to the risks that both anesthesia and surgery pose to a person, unless the procedure is for a life saving or medically necessary reason. People treat major surgery and general anesthesia like it's shoe shopping. It's not. It's dangerous under the best of circumstances.
momsarefit responded:
Breast augmentation can be done safely. If that person wants to feel more self confident or has had breast cancer, I see no problem with having that procedure performed. Personally, I would love to have a tummy tuck due to having 2 kids and losing the weight, I have a ugly skin overhang on my abs. I dread the summer. But that procedure cost's more than having fake breasts.
Wolfsong452 responded:
what someone does with their own body, is up to them, if they want it then why not?

as long as they're completely educated on all the up and downs of the surgery.

I'd get it done in a heart beat!
Torcal replied to midcenturion's response:
Well said. I like women to be au natural.
bp_roller responded:
Your body, your choice.
DebiSp responded:
I like mine. They turned out great and after having 3 kids it was a great self-esteem booster. It's almost time to have them redone, if this is something you are considering keep in mind that they will have to be replaced or removed eventually.
DebiSp replied to momsarefit's response:
I've had a tummy tuck too(as well as breast augment), that is a painful and it was almost deadly for be honest I'd still do it all over again.
bob249 replied to DebiSp's response:
For the benefit of readers, what were the positive effects?

(Guesses are likely, looking for your facts.)
curls815 responded:


If a girl is not proportional up top, nothing fits right......from swim suites, sports bras, to shirts and jackets.

I am 5ft with hills on and weigh...yea right....but my boobs are a Full C, so I have to buy shirts a size bigger to fit over my boobs!

and it goes for too small breast. swim suites don't fit, shirts just sag where there should be something.....

and if a girl wants some nockers, and she can pay for them, WHY NOT?!

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