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    Georgia Fat Kids Ad Campaign: Enlightening or Harmful?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    The state of Georgia has come under fire for it's very aggressive campaign against childhood obesity, which features overweight and obese kids in ads talking about their weight.

    Take a look and tell us what you think.

    Is this ad campaign an effective way to get the word out or just a way to bring negative attention to overweight kids and their parents?
    brunosbud responded:
    Oh, no. "Chubby Kids"...

    there may be blood...
    tmlmtlrl responded:
    The ads themselves sound stupid. I understand they are trying to get parents to stop being in denial, but obviously it's only making them defensive.

    "..skeptics worried that discrimination toward overweight people will only increase." I really don't see that happening. Americans are extremely discriminatory towards obese people and always have been. There's just more obese people now.

    How about STOP cutting school funding every time the government needs a dime! Children should have gym class every day and be able to run around at recess.

    Maybe instead of putting their money towards these ads they could print up flyers with nutritional advice and maybe even recipes to send home with (all) children.

    I think this obesity 'epidemic' began with these children's parent's generation and because they don't know better, or probably where to begin, the bad habits are passed on to the kids. It does NOT mean these parents care any less about their children than the next parent.

    Then on top of what the parents taught them we now live in a world where if a kid wants to know the difference between an oak tree and a maple tree they can just hop on a computer and see. It's not just video games and 500 tv channels, it's a loss of curiosity and desire to go out and explore all the incredible things outside.

    Parents have to make kids GO OUTSIDE. And unfortunately with so many single parents it's so easy and common to be guilt ridden. It makes it hard to say no or make them do what's best for them.

    Oh yeah, so original question -- I don't think it's necessarily effective or negative, I think it's stupid. Put your money to better use.
    DoloresTeresa responded:
    Every now and then you read of a child committing suicide because he was teased or not accepted by his peers. Overweight children have enough problems fitting in without their pictures on billboards.

    At the same time that one government agency is telling you that you shouldn't be obese, another is kissing the rear ends of agribusiness and, by not using ads that would displease that industry, tacitly perpetuates the very thing they say they want to eliminate.

    George Bush handled the problem by telling everyone to exercise. As though that alone would solve the problem. I guess he forgot the runner Jim Fixx who at the age of fifty two died while out running. At autopsy his arteries were found to be from seventy to ninety per cent blocked. He argued with Nathan Pritikin who warned him about his diet. Fixx claimed that if you could run a Marathon in under four hours you could eat anything you wanted to eat. His guru was a doctor whose name escapes me now who claimed the same thing. Be careful of believing everything you read.

    If the government starts to subsidize fruits and vegetables and mandates them for kids school lunches instead of giving them surplus food from the meat and dairy industry then Mrs. Obama's let's move program would be very effective. The flash dancing to Beyonce's video looks like fun, the kids like the music, it is not competitive and doesn't require any particular dancing talent and is done in a group so no one is looking at a particular child and judging him, but rather are all enjoying their own dancing.

    An_241374 responded:
    they are paid for their appearance in the ads, aren't they? so what do i think? i think it's great when you can make money without having to change who you are.

    me on the other hand...i show up to work every day and pretend that i am responsible and know what i am doing.

    as for being an effective ad campaign...i don't get it. if i am fat and watching other fat people tell me how fat they are, and presumably that their life is less enjoyable because of that, don't i already know that? and if i am not fat and watching fat people tell me how fat they are, and presumably that their life is less enjoyable because of that, don't i already assume that?

    the ads are going to get a ton of youtube views with comments from hateful people making fun of the ads.

    wan't to curb childhood obesity? require prospective parents to take a test and get licensed before being allowed to have kids. the most difficult job in all of history--parenting--and it is not something we qualify you for. shhheeeshhh
    kai2009 replied to An_241374's response:
    while i agree that not all people should have children, having to have a license to create a family is a bit extreme if your asking me. Seriously! DH and i live pay check to pay check while we cant do exspenive things that we would like to DS does not go w.o he may not have everything name braned but he has plenty. i think that we as parents should step up and monitor what there children eat less happy meal and more meals with the family that have the proper intake. And how do they not know that the child has a medical condition and takes medication that causes the child to gain weight, people need to really think
    An_241873 replied to An_241374's response:
    I totally agree! I think there should be a license to have children. not only for people whose lifestyles shouldn't have kids but also those who are not ready. just like you have to be a certain age to drive and get married without parental consent I think teens should have to have a license for having kids too! would definitely curb a lot of issues there are with the poor children in this generation... babies and irresponsible adults having babies! thanks for your comments ) and you can hate me for saying this but... o well it's my opinion! deal with it people!
    Anon_32444 replied to An_241873's response:
    And exactly how would this work??? Force them to use birth control??? Abortions??? I agree that there are a lot people who shouldn't have kids but there is no way to stop them and besides it is no ones' business. I hope you were kidding!!!
    Anon_534 responded:
    "If you're getting picked on for your size, it's your fault."

    With a message like that, the state of Georgia might as well be advocating suicide as a healthy way to combat obesity.
    brunosbud responded:
    Parents look to make their children's lives so easy and effortless. And, what they end up are adults who can't fight to survive. My proof? Just read the posts...

    No grace. No sense of appreciation. Everything is about "moi". Nothing is my fault; its "genetics". Everyone searching for answers...

    Good parenting is about teaching people (not babies, not kids) one thing...

    The answers are inside.
    rohvannyn replied to brunosbud's response:
    Regardless of what might be said on the news, we are pouring more money into the US school system than at any other time in history. And the standards are worse. Do what you will with that information.

    Fat people telling other fat people they are fat isn't helping. We all need to eat less processed foods, less corn syrup, less fillers. We all need to become closer to the sources of our food. Increased government involvement in education has lowered the standards, not increased them.

    Ultimately, parents have to be motivated to live healthy lives and pass that on to their kids. Less TV, more recess, less time sitting, more time moving. For both parent and child. French fries do not count as a vegetable. But it's up to the parents. Do they want to live unhappy, unhealthy lives? Yes, there are many lies in the media about what is safe and good to eat.

    But everyone needs to educate themselves! It's no one else's responsibility. The choice is in the hands of every person, along with the higher insurance premiums, the shorter lives, and the misery. Or the success.
    missmarti57 responded:
    For one thing...make nutritious foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables & whole grain foods cheaper instead of sodas and other 'junk' foods. People on limited amounts of money will buy cheaper foods that are filling and quick to fix and eat.
    brunosbud replied to missmarti57's response:
    "...make nutritious foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables & whole grain foods cheaper..."

    Beans, sunflower seeds, red potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet potatoes, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, olive oil, spinach, eggs, plain yogurt.
    Feed your kids any three of these, everyday...for every hr of TV or computer, kid walks 2,000 steps (1 mile), 7 hrs sleep, minimum.

    Oh yeah, one other thing...
    no need for Georgia Fat Kids Ads and Michelle Obama can spend more time with her daughters...
    JenPBDBP2 replied to brunosbud's response:
    Curious why you feel this line, 'Oh yeah, one other thing...
    no need for Georgia Fat Kids Ads and Michelle Obama can spend more time with her daughters...' was necessary? Certainly no one suggested Arnold spend more time with his kids when he was promoting healthy living to kids under 2 previous presidents.
    brunosbud replied to JenPBDBP2's response:
    What's the real issue, here?

    Is it "Let's not hurt kid's feelings"?
    Is it "Let's teach kids how to make better decisions?
    Is it "Let's not get parent's panties in a bunch"?, or
    Is it "Let's focus on the true cause of why our kids are obese (and diabetic, and hypertensive, etc) and let's address that"?

    So, money is the problem? If everybody had more money that would solve child obesity?

    If you believe what I believe...not so "curious", at all...

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