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    Online Dating: Luckier in Love?
    Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
    According to a recent WebMD story, "A new study finds that Internet dating sites help us get together, but they probably don't make us any luckier in love , despite some companies' claims to the contrary."

    What's your opinion? Do you think people are more apt to find true love online these days?

    How did you meet your mate?
    JenPBDBP2 responded:
    I really hate to paint dating services with such a wide brush but speaking as a woman who has used online sites since 1998 when yahoo personals were still free to now when i've also tried e-Harmony, the people on them are simply not worth meeting. The article makes a very valid point that the online sites reduce you do a photo and that's it. I have coworkers with multiple horror stories about first (and last) dates with men met online.

    It's bad folks, it's bad.
    Dat_me responded:

    mrscora01 responded:
    I don't find it any worse than meeting folks in "real" life. You have to be careful as it's not always easy to spot a liar. But I met my husband on Lavalife and we are an excellent match. First marriage for both of us in our 40s. And we even used to work at the same place but never met. It was meant to be.

    3point14 responded:
    I met my BF online, and we're two years strong and very, very happy. He lived in a small town a state away and was using it to widen his dating pool: I was unable to meet a decent guy who wasn't crazy so my friend signed me up for a site.

    It did turn out well for us, but he was the only guy I actually wound up going on a date with. I'd planned many more, but the spark was there enough that I cancelled the rest of my dates for the week. He said it was pretty grim before he met me, a lot of desperate people and people lying about their appearance and lives in general.

    I've heard mixed things from friends. I think it's just like any other kind of interpersonal relationship, if you're generally respectful, honest and know what you want, it's going to be more likely to be successful.
    butterflygarden responded:
    Hmmm...I know a couple of people who met through online dating services and are happy as can be. But, I also know quite a few more that tried it and came away sour.

    I'd say I agree with the study.

    I met my hubby through a mutual friend when we were in college. The first night we met we sat in his car and talked until the sun came up. The time just flew by, and neither one of us realized we'd been sitting that long. And, I think we're still together because we continue to enjoy talking to each other.

    IrwinsLady responded:
    think they are bad, ive tried a few and got a few creeps. but i met my now fiance through a friend. ( its not Irwin like my sn).
    TexanHealthnut responded:
    I met my husband on and I think it is just another aavenue to meeting someone, just like through friends, family, cchurch, social groups, etc. You have to take it with a grain of ssalt and not put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Keep on meeting people through friends, etc. and you will meet someone someway.
    Diamon47 responded:
    While going through a 3 1/2 year divorce in 1997, I was curious and happened to go on to an AOL chat room for divorced people. I didnt like what I saw but there was one screen name who sounded like "The Voice of Reason". I started a conversation, and for the next year we got to know each other via email. She had trust issues due to her divorce and after another 6 months she finally gave me her phone number. More time went by and we finally decided to meet. Knowing so much about her made meeting her face to face so easy because by then we were friends. This was a big first step as she and I lived 1800 miles away from each other. More time went by and we learned that our relationship was honest and I felt excited every time I opened a card from her, read her letters, email or spoke on the phone. Being away from each other was no longer an option and she moved here to New York in June of 2004. We were married in Oct 2004. I truly love my wife and every day I am thankful I happened to be curious one day and found her (on line). Every so often, she says "Thanks AOL" I never thought I would find anyone online but it's possible if you take your "relationship" very slow and learn all you can about the other person. Finding someone on the internet that you want to love and marry is possible...but be very careful.
    Diamon47 replied to Diamon47's response:
    I forgot to mention that went ended up with a TON of frequent Flyer
    cuteyoungchic responded:
    I met my perfect match on the internet 3 1/2 years ago, I also know 3 couples, all younger than us, who've married their internet partner.
    You just have to know not to settle for less than the best for you.
    I was told by a horoscope fanatic, to check which Chinese animal sign matched mine & only accept that person.
    The next man I met didn't match my preferred appearance, but he's my Chinese animal sign match, & we feel like perfect partners, even our families & their behaviours/habits are very similar. Our values match perfectly. And the mother-of-them-all, our natural respect for each other matches perfectly.
    We're in our early 60's, so lust played very little part (which for younger people blinds them from seeing each other's "inadequacies," unless the relationship is at least 3 years old before committing to one another.)
    I found most people I met on the internet were emotionally unavailable, in other words nowhere near ready for a new relationship - so that's a good question to ask a new "face."
    I'm rapt in my man, but I was extremely selective in my choice.
    Those who get themselves into trouble, weren't paying attention from the outset.
    dfromspencer responded:
    I have been on this site (dating site) for the last year. So far, i have been out on one date. It didn't work out, so i am still single and disappointed with this dating online business! If anyone has any suggestions, i'm open?
    brunosbud responded:
    "How did you meet your mate?" The old fashion way...Stalking.
    Anon_6065 responded:
    I was on a dating site back when they were first gettng popular. One of the first guys that emailed me was from Africa, seriously why would I date someone from a different country, some people do it and get scammed, I'm glad I was smarter than that. Anyway, I met another guy that lived in the same city/state, same religion we talked online for a couple weeks and decided to meet and only went on one date he was a nice guy but we just didn't connect on our date. That was the end of it for me. I had a friend though that tried the online dating and fell in love with every guy she talked to before they even met and always got her heart broken when it didn't work out. I never understood that.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on replied to brunosbud's response:
    That's hilarious! hopefully it was a joke lol.

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