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Academy Awards, Favorite Movies and Emotions
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
The Academy Awards are coming up this weekend, and those of us who are movie buffs will watch to find out if our favorite films make the cut.

But, what drives us to love the movies we love ? Probably the emotion they stir: love, passion, excitement, sadness, amusement, etc.

Think about your favorite movie of all time. What was the emotion that led you to love it?

Do you find that you tend to like a certain genre of films more than others?

What's your Oscar pick for this year?
butterflygarden responded:
My favorite movies are Sci-Fi and drama. I think I like the thrill of putting myself in the moment and wondering what it would be like if I could get on a starship and fly across the galaxy. Beam me up, Scottie!


The best movie I have seen on the Oscar list this year is The Help. It had all the right stuff...great story, drama, and it was clever and funny at just the right places.

zebraradar responded:
My favorite film is Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Amusement, wonder, and excitement were some of the main emotions that led me to love it!

For Best Picture this year I have only seen The Help, Hugo, & Midnight in Paris. From those my favorite was Hugo, and probably for the same reasons that Pee Wee's Big Adventure is my fav!
shouldabinwitch responded:
It has dimmed with time but the first time I saw Gladiator with Russell Crowe, I was moved to a degree that film had never moved me to before. Generally I like fantasy and magic.

I can't say anything here without asking if the Acadamy panel has any idea of the strength of feeling against Margaret Thatcher in many of the communities she left to die when she dismantled the coal mining industry in the UK? I personally think no film of her made now while she is still alive and much of what took place during her reign is still classified and therefore secret should have been made. Meryl Streep has proven herself to be a wonderful actress many times but to commend her for a sympathetic portrayal of one of the most unsympathetic humans that has ever lived would be a personal insult to me and many thousands of other like me who have watched their communities die since the 1980s.
Anon_34374 replied to shouldabinwitch's response:
Shumpeter's creative destruction should help you understand the value Thatcher brought to England. Look around you...our European brethren are collapsing under the weight of debt and decades of poor leadership.

We should be celebrating Thatcher the way the US (should) celebrate Reagan. And what a team they made.

Let's hope we see the same leadership in both our country and theirs again...before it is too late.
brunosbud responded:
Tropic Thunder

Rating:: 5 stars

Best Actor: Robert Downey Jr. as "Kirk Lazarus"

Kirk Lazurus: "What do you mean our people?" Alpa Chino: "What do you mean 'our people'?"

Kirk Lazurus: "I don't read the script, the script reads me..."

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