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April Fool's Day: Love it? Hate it?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
My teenage daughter and I were having a conversation yesterday about April Fool's Day. I told her that I used to hate going to school on April 1st, because kids were excessively mean to each other while playing "April Fool's" jokes. She said she felt the same way.

But, apparently it's a love it or hate it sort of thing.

So which are you? Why?

What's the best April Fool's joke you ever heard, played or had played on you?
Anon_34374 responded:
April 1, 2009, my friend told me there was breaking news that Obama was leaving office, disappointed in his own failures, and that both Biden and Pelosi had resigned.

What a horrible joke to pull on someone.
Psalmist88 responded:
I have mixed feelings about April fools day. I think if a joke is funny, and not mean, then it can be very fun. There are some that are just using it as an excuse to be onery.

I love the ones from Google and Slashdot, they are generally pretty amusing.
An_244438 responded:
It has always been fairly forgettable. I like a good prank. I am glad it exists. Maybe this year something elaborate will happen.
Anon_999 responded:
I hate it. It brings back a very bad memory from 3 yrs ago. When my son emailed me on 4/1 to tell me he is done with me and will never see me again, why because I believe in God and he no longer does.

To this day I have never heard from him. At first I thought he was pulling a joke on me I guess not.
Bulley1030 replied to Anon_999's response:
So is that an early april fools? If not that is horrible. I couldn't imagine the hurt that caused you. <hugs>
Anon_999 replied to Bulley1030's response:
Bulley1030 - That was on April fool's day three yrs ago, and I never heard from him or my 3 grand kids since. I do not have any phone number in which to call, he since has deleted his email account and I have no current address in which to write him. Not a joke at all. It hurts so bad - it is like a loved one died. Thanks for the hug.

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