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Spring Cleaning: OCD, Hoarder or Somewhere Between?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
It's that time of year.

Time to roll up our sleeves, pin up our hair, pull out the brooms, mops, buckets and do our spring cleaning.

First of all, do you "spring clean?" Why or why not?

What's first on your list?

What do you save for last?

What do you love about spring cleaning?

What do you hate?

Does your family help?

Now, take our poll and let us know what type of cleaner you are.

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What type of spring cleaner are you?
  • Obsessive-Compulsive
  • Neat Freak
  • Average
  • Pack Rat
  • Hoarder
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butterflygarden responded:

Spring cleaning at our house starts in the garage. We seem to collect all sorts of interesting things in there over the year. I blame my husband. hehe

We always save our bedroom for last. It seems to be the catch-all for everything else, so as we're cleaning we move questionable things in there and it is the final toss-out decision space.

I love the feeling of freshness after spring cleaning. It feels like a weight has been lifted.

I HATE trying to get the whole family motivated to work together. I always seem to be dragging someone back into the fray.

I voted myself Neat Freak in the poll, even though my kids call me OCD. I like things in their place, but I have learned over the years to chill out and let some things go. With 5 people living in a house you'll drive yourself nuts if you try to keep everything always in place.

Deep breaths, Butterfly...deep breaths. LOL

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