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What Does the First Lady Know About Nutrition?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
First Lady, Michelle Obama, has a new book out -- American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America .

WebMD's Kristin Hammam recently joined the First Lady, along with a group of other representatives from online women's outlets, in that very White House kitchen garden to discuss her book and her passion to get Americans to adopt better nutrition habits .

However, there are many folks out there who don't think Mrs. Obama should be telling anyone how to eat. Afterall, where does her expertise lie?

Tell us what you think: What (if anything) qualifies the First Lady to talk about better nutrition for Americans or share her suggestions for healthier food choices?

PooperScooper22 responded:
I don't know or care how much expertise she has. America is a superficial, symbol-based society and when the face of the First Lady is used as advertisement for healthy eating I believe that to be a good thing.

Anyone in a position of that much positive recognition also has more of a chance to impact society as a whole so I don't really care if she's "qualified," it's not like she just says whatever she wants, research and professional advisory are key. If we don't listen to our doctors advising us to eat right anymore, and looking at the American obesity stats, we don't, why not try a new angle? There is only one First Lady in the entire United States, most of what she says is going to be widely publicized. And if you ask me, I would much rather see "First Lady Speaks on Good Nutrition" in the headlines than "America is Getting Fatter."

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