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An_251748 posted:
It's amazing how clueless and uncaring people can be. I told somebody in my family VERBALLY that I hate existing. I don't know WHAT I wanted to hear, but this person said NOTHING.

I just hate every damn day of existence. I try to find things that provide SOME enjoyment, but in the end it's all pointless.

And I think this post and this "community" are pointless too. Nobody seems to moderate this forum any more, and many posts go unanswered.

Oh well, I don't think it's going to matter much longer anyway.
An_252708 responded:
You're angry and you should be angry if someone in your family responded in that way to you opening up that's not right. But they're probably just shocked and didn't know how to take it.

Don't give up there are people out there who care and who can help you. It doesn't have to be like this. If you're feeling desperate speak to your doctor it's amazing how much they can help! I never believed I could get better until it happened!
semed responded:
I understand you are angry. I was too. I went as far as to ask if the person was going to respond. The question tossed back at me was "What do you want me to say?" I almost lost it. I became overwhelmed by emotion and fired back. "Obviously nothing. Next time don't ask unless your willing to listen and help.' Truthfully that wasn't the way to act at least not from me. I normally held everything in. I was at my wits end. :ike the previous respondent said and I did go to my doctor. I had been and probably always will be on medication. I have suffered with depression most of my life. It wasn't until I blew that I realized I needed something more. I went to see counselors and psychiatrists. Talking to someone outside my family and friends has helped tremendoysly. I'm bot pn as many meds and can actually see a trickle of light at the end of the tubbel called my life. Your anger is justified! It's now time to do something for yourself. A group or doctor will help. Like me you can try to call it "Me Time." It's nice to let my guard down a little and groups and doctors don't judge or ignore. They honestly want to help. One step at a time (Jeez any more cliches, sorry,) you will get to feeling better. (Sorry I wrote a book. I care and do try to understand. Haven't been around lately or I would have written sooner.)
rohvannyn replied to semed's response:
I too can understand your anger. I've been on both sides of this situation. And I've been in trouble from my spouse sometimes because when she opens up about things that are really bothering her, sometimes I stay silent because I really have no idea what to say. But that's not right for me to do! The listener should show some kind of concern, offer a hug, something. Just because they didn't say something doesn't mean they don't care, but that doesn't excuse their behavior.

Decide whether or not you want to get out of the depression. Then do what you can. Even if there is no money for a doctor, you can call crisis lines, as they are free, and you don't have to be suicidal or something to call one. Sometimes it's just nice to hear a kind voice. If you have a doctor, that's what they are there fore too. There are people out there who care and know what you are going there.
legion420 responded:
since i dont really know your family dinamic-most will be shot in the dark.the family member who said nothing maybe because they just didnt know what to say and instead of saying something that could make things seem worse(been down that road-its ugly)just said nothing.for me-in nothing being said is better than people just pulling junk outta no place just for to experienced and can see right through that muck loke looking through a silence at times can be the only way they can be respectful.but ultimately-it's your life and your decision to make.i have 8 severe mental issues,2 are deemed dangerous to myself and the community.i get stigma every place,even some nasty fear reactions-i thank the media for that.if you have questions,i can try to answer but aint gonna jerk you around.if i dont know,i'll say it and my bluntness is just me-how i am and those whom dont know me on avereage take my kind of blunt honesty the wrong way(just an f.y.i.).good luck.

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