Post Op Depression
JustRobin posted:
I am exactly one month out from a left total hip replacement. I am finally doing better with the pain and walking pretty well, using a cane for stability outside. But I am unhappy, crabby, angry, weepy, unable to sleep, have no appetite and am snapping the heads off of anyone who looks at me wrong. I suffered from severe depression a few years ago when I had a bad scare from an acute case of erosive esophagitis. I had somehow convinced myself that I had either cancer or gastroparesis and nothing anyone could say could get through to me. I spent most of my time in bed. The doctor took me off the Reglan and I immediately improved but he also wanted to put me on Prozac which I didn't feel I needed. So, a few weeks before surgery, I weaned myself off the Prozac and other drugs I felt were not necessary. I was FINE...until after the surgery, the pt the home nurse visits, the "don't move that way" the "keep that pillow between your knees" and no chair in the house I could sit in comfortably. I want to understand why, now that I am off the heavy pain meds, almost finished with the blood thinners and walking well, I still am so mad at the world. I am 68. I feel I should know better. I also should mention that I am very fatigued and someone suggested I might be anemic. The medical doctors supplied by the hospital in lieu of my own PCP were less than satisfactory. I just wonder if they knew I was anemic but felt it needed no treatment. I hate being this tired all the time.