severly depressed!!
Anon_231990 posted:
am so depressed i can't stand it anymore. i have no family or friends, just a few acquaintences. i do have 2 brothers and 2 sisters but they wouldn't care if i dropped dead tomorrow. it sucks so bad i can't stand living anymore. i have 1 son and a husband. that is all i have. my son is an only child and i am so worried about him when he gets older he won't have any family. he is also moderately autistic. he doesn't have any friends and we are always together, alone together. someone please give me some advice! i can't stand living any more!!
momuv4girls responded:
I think you owe it to your husband and your son to get help - help so you can feel better.

If you've had a Dr. that hasn't helped - then find another Dr. - a really good Psychiatrist to meet with and form a relationship with.

I'm not sure how old your son is, but getting out in the world can really help. Do you go to the park? How about the local library?
There are places to go and life to live.....

Do some research and find a good Dr., they are out there and do want to help!
There is great cause for hope, and you and your family deserve happiness!

Take care,