Why does depression come and go? Some days are good/some awful!
Anon_963 posted:
You think you have things under control with this condition that either is due to emotional or physical reasons--or both--and wham, you have a day or days you think--you want to 'escape', run, cry (the crying does help) but then it's back again. Alot of praying and as someone with deep faith is what helps the most.
But--reading so many posts it sure makes one wonder what is causing it to come and go--and most often, un-expectantly.
Anyway, from research, it does do that and sometimes we have to take life one day at a time--instead of worrying about tomorrow and yesterday so much! Easier said than done--
I'm still waiting for an answer on my post awhile back regarding anti-depressants, dreams, intrusive thoughts, etc. No one else deals with these I guess.
rohvannyn responded:
Plenty of people have to deal with antidepressants, dreams, intrusive thoughts, and periodic depression. Many people don't feel qualified to answer. I wish more would.

Your question is a good one. Speaking for myself, many times when I have a period of severe depression I will find a hidden cause. For example, I noticed recently that it is worse when I eat grain, most specifically wheat gluten - though other grains have some effect as well. Some are affected by artificial sweetners, others by cloudy days, others by lack of exercise, and on and on. I know I have problems that are worse than usual when I have interrupted or inadequate sleep. Even if the depression is a chemical imbalence, I've found that ofthen there are many factors that contribute. I believe it's up to everyone to find out what their own sensitivities are so they can manage them or avoid them.