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TRIGGER: Families with depression/families families with no depression
urano posted:
My family on both sides have severe depression. As far as I know I am the only one who SH.
My spouse of 20+ years, I finally asked if any family member has or been severely depressed. The answer - no
I read it is a 'DNA' problem, but I frontline how to tell them, I am, and I SH.
Every day I have to search for a reason to get out of bed.
I am not rich, nor poor. Have no 'needs'
People are starving, still going through abuse, have no roof overhead, etc.
And my mind tells me, (and I fight every day) why fight, life is not and has no future other than emotional turmoil.
urano responded:
Apologize to others suffering with severe depression, I am weak and need to quit feeling 'woe' is me. My mother has so much more more baggage and is extremely depressed but hangs on for her children. I am trying to find a way to be less selfish.
Tomorrow is another day.
makala21 replied to urano's response:
Hello Urano, I'm fairly new to the disscusion board world but deffinetly not new to depression. First can you tell me what is SH, because it sounds like you feel depressed as well. I'm sorry I don't know what SH is.
urano replied to makala21's response:
'Self harm', cutting.
That is why 'trigger' was the beginning word.
It just seems dying is easier- only when no family is left.
rohvannyn responded:
Feelings like that are common when you have depression, it is a chemical imbalance, it's not the real you. Whether you have needs or not, and the relative suffering of others compared to you, may be unrelated to your neurotransmitter levels. It's hard, I know. When I am depressed it sometimes feels like the sadness is coming from me, sometimes it doesn't. When the "cloud" lifts, thought, I realize that it isn't my natural state. Good luck to you.
urano replied to rohvannyn's response:
Thank you for the information. I have tried numerous medications and yet, I still wake up wondering why to get out of bed. I can't do anything right and I lose things all the time. If it were not for my mother, there would be no reason to wake up in the morning. Thanks again, I will wait for the cloud to lift. I hate mean people.

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