beautifulbuffalo posted:
Ladies and Gents! I suffer from major depression, anxiety and PTSD. I have suffered most of my life. I have wanted to end my life many of times. But I found exercise a month ago and it has changed my life. I am a different person putting my energy into my exercise. I go to the YMCA and swim, use the treadmil and recumbent bike. I'm getting ready for knee surgery for the 4th time so I have to be careful but I'm doing it. I can remember days not being able to get off the couch and now I'm out the door by 6:30 - 7:00. Being on Disability is tough on the money part as my husband says it has to come out of my checkbook not his but I do it monthly 45.00. But then I think that it is also helping me to lose weight that I gained from my medications. My therapist is helping by checking my weight monthly and I see her every 2 weeks.

For all you others my husband is home and when he leaves again in September he said I can go with him and it will be a vacation for me for a change I can finally get out of the house.

Good luck girls and guys.
cindigal responded:
I really am so glad for you, you great steps to combat depression. I had bouts of depression and anxiety through the years and its the hardest thing to committ yourself and say that you have to do something positive to get out of the rut. I had many meds for depression and anxiety, but dont ask which ones since I tried alot over the years and my memory isnt the best. . I do take synthroid for thyroid (that pill is a must, have to take it rest of my life), also I am taking Ativan for anxiety and thats it. I did have topamax and I discussed with Dr. that it wasnt do anything for me anymore.

I have a good feeling after exercising, it releases great endorphins, that statement is true when you hear about the diet and fitness people on tv. I go to the gymn in the apartments here. I switch from treadmill to elliptical and I have a great DVD at home. what machine do you like the most, treadmill or elliptical..?? I am so glad that you took strides to conquer the beast.