Do not fo onto FACEBOOK
An_253307 posted:
I have been dealing with depression for most of my adult life and have been hospitalized 3 times. I am currently unemployed and do not have medical insurance so I took to FACEBOOK to ask my family and friends for financial help and suggestions. As of today no one has come to my aide. I was so depressed and still am over the fact that no one has come to my aide or even has called me to see if I was alright. I got so upset that I closed out my FACEBOOK account. I thought that by going to FACEBOOK and spilling my guts out that someone would help me -they didn't!! You see on the news that so and so got help through FACEBOOK -I guess I wanted that to happen to me. I guess I wanted something good to come to me, If you need some kind of help from your family and friends on FACEBOOK -GOOD LUCK!! It's true FACEBOOK made me even more depressed!!!