Dr. Scwartz and most psychiatrists act like drug salesman and not scientists
Anon_11404 posted:
I have never read one criticism of psychiatry from Dr. Schwartz. All he does is promote drugs yet psychiatry's success rate is very low and it is higher now then it probably ever has been. If you think of the atrocities that have occurred in psychiatry from beatings to frontal lobotomies, the profession would be much better off if psychiatrists openly criticized their profession in order to make it better and act more like scientists than drug salesman. Also, they should be skeptical of what drug salesman tell them yet they are very gullible.
itmatsb responded:
You reference the past, but what are you talking about currently? There is a huge success rate with anti-depressants helping depression. Yes, therapy is also promoted by psychiatrists. If you know what other treatments are better than drugs and therapy for depression and other mental illnesses, why don't you enlighten us? Your vague criticisms don't amount to anything concrete.
Anon_11404 replied to itmatsb's response:
What long-term study are you referring to that shows a huge success rate?