Overwhelmed about everything
Ysonesse posted:
I don't know what else to say except I'm overwhelmed about everything. Not being able to find a job, having to live with my parents, my savings going down to nothing, and now all of this fiscal nonsense in DC is pushing me towards...something. I don't know what to do! I've been thinking on and off about giving what little money I have left to my parents so they can survive. My survival doesn't matter anymore. I can't move out, I have no one I can stay with, I don't have any friends. I am completely isolated.

I take my medications for depression and anxiety, but they aren't helping anymore. I really don't feel like living, but I still try to hang on because my parents need me. They don't have anyone else. But I'm no help to them if I can't help myself.

Please, please, someone give me some options here. I'm running out of them and hope too. Thank you.
ndalascwby1 responded:
I'm so sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed and out of options. Your survival DOES matter, it certainly matters to your parents. I'm not sure I'd ever recover if my daughter got to the point of wanting to end her own life. She is 39 and has been fighting depression since she was in her late teens. She has had varying degrees of success with medications and right now seems to be in a pretty stable place. However, I've seen her go through many of the feelings you express.

She also doesn't have a job, her savings are gone, and we have only each other for support. I try to be helpful and supportive of her but sometimes I feel I am failing her. She sees a psychiatrist every other month and a therapist once or twice a month . . . but I'm really not sure how much help they are (except for prescribing meds).

She has a few friends and they are supportive of her - - but others don't seem to want to hear about her "bad times." I've been looking for an on-line support group where she can e-mail people who are in the same situation she's in. And maybe they can be of help to one another.

Your e-mail made me so sad - - I'm sure my daughter has some of the same feelings you do and feels just as alone as you feel. Maybe you two could connect and help each other. What do you think?
kbriann replied to ndalascwby1's response:
I am so sorry about your situation. I will pray for you and your daughter and I would be more than happy to e mail her and encourage her. Thanks kbriann@yahoo.com