2nd day on another anti-depression med---sooo nauseated and shaky!
Anon_963 posted:
Well, trying 'yet another' anti-depressant and the usual side effects of nausea and shakiness going on. The doctor said only to give it 2 weeks as he knows I have a real bad reaction to many meds but wanted to try this one. I wanted to try it too. Already was dealing with anxiety and nausea due to health issues, and now I feel like I'm on an amphetamine.
Trying very hard to 'hang in there'--but I just don't know if I can get past this and it will help. If not, I'll just do my best--on my own to deal with it.

Sure is discouraging as I know folks on this board understand. One day at a time!
An_253945 responded:
you can do it! xxx