Trying to help a spouse with major depression
An_253929 posted:
How long does it take for Effexor to get out of someones system? What if someone does stop 'cold turkey' in order to start taking HTP5? How long do they need to wait before starting something else? Has any one experienced this?
wiccacelt79 responded:
I was taking Effexor for a few years and when I tried to stop cold turkey, I went through withdrawal. I was a bit nasueated and felt off -almost like a headache but not quite. I have been off Effexor for about a month now and I weaned myself off. One week i would take it every day, the next week every other day and finally one week where I went three or more days without taking it. It can take about a month or two for it to leave your system but everyone is different and it also depends on how long the drug was being taken. hope it helps