I need answers!
izzy1000 posted:
hello there,
im not going to tell you my life story but over the course of 4 years i have suffered alot of trauma including my mum dying when i was 1, she also was an alchohalic however she did not die resulting in this but from a car accident.
4 years on and i am feeling extremely low, i often feel like a want to die, i am extremely clingy toward people my friends mostly, and fantasize alot about thing that i know will never happen, i self harm and have scince i was 11, i do go to counselling but i often feel it isnt doing anything and im not getting answers,
also, i often go into hysterics if i dont get my own way about something or if something goes wrong, even if it as simple as my parents saying i cant go out, im worried that it is depression but im not sure, no one seems to be telling me if i have or not and it is worrying me that nothings is wrong at all and that im bringing it all on myself.
I would like to know if anyone with depression can relate to me or if anyone can consult me on what to do/ what i might be dealing with?
izzy1000 responded:
sorry there is a typo here- my mum died when i was 10
momuv4girls responded:
Have you ever had an evaluation by a Psychiatrist before?
If not, then I suggest that be a starting point.

Take care!