Seeking more positive tips for coping with Depression
snflwr posted:
There have to be ways to counteract the negatives. I have been reading about tips to cope with depression. I need to know if others have had success with things I am reading or if you have other strategies.
(Just FYI on my background.) I use a lightbox (SAD), I exercise. I eat healthier diet. I boost with Vitamin D & now B12. I take medication as needed. I seek support. I used to go to a very good doc who was a psychiatrist and therapist (rare combo). I haven't found a good therapist since I moved to Florida (yes, I actually relocated to increase my odds of functioning better). I read things like "start small and stay focused". I made a healthy shake and I hope to walk around the block. (The power that depression has to just make me want to stay in bed, sit and ruminate, or otherwise be worried or sad takes over a lot.) I am supposed to see support...can I get support here? I need a virtual hug at minimum. Hugs to all of you!
rohvannyn responded:
Well, you can have a great big virtual hug right now! I'll sqeeze extra hard so you can feel it in Florida. You are welcome in this community, it's good to see you here!

Sounds like you are really doing a lot to fight your depression. And it can be really, really hard to fight, mostly because it saps motivation so badly. The only thing I can say is, don't forget to recognize your own accomplishments this far, and if it's possible, mentally celebrate that you aren't just taking this lying down. You can definitely talk and vent here.