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Adderall For Depression With A History Of Drug Use
Catcherda posted:

I'm new here, but I have a question for anyone who might have had this problem and how they dealt with it. I'm 29 years old, I have a 7 year old daughter and a second one on the way. I was with the mother of my 6 year old for 2 years and she got pregnant and that's when my problems started. I was 21 years old when I found out I was going to be a father and was completely immature, so the natural thing I did was turn to drinking. Then later on drug use, specifically prescription pain killers. Her mother and I split up in 2008 and for the next 4 years I plunged from making $65,000 a year and owning my own business to eventually losing my job, my car and even my condo. I spent thousands of dollars on pain killers but the thing was pain killers affected me like cocaine affects most people. I would wake up at 5 in the morning and snort a couple 30mg Oxycodone and be wide awake and want to run through a brick wall, that's how I dealt with the break up with my wife. I finally decided on December 26, 2012 that I had reached rock bottom and went to my father for help, spent 3 months in outpatient rehab and on Suboxone and have been clean since then, with the exception of 2 times. I have no desire to go back on drugs, I hate how I was and my life is so much better now then it was 10 months ago, but I still have the lack of motivation and depression feeling. I tried Cymbalta and it did a little bit of good but not much. Then the other day while my fiance and I were at our friends' house I started talking about what was going on and she said here, try this. And I immediately reacted to seeing a pill as, no way. And she said "It's Adderall, trust me I wouldn't give you something that I thought was going to make you relapse." She had a drug problem before we met but has severe ADHD. She said "Take one in the morning when you wake up one day when you feel like you can't get out of bed, then take the other one a couple days later, just so you can see it doesn't have the withdrawl symptoms". So I took it and it worked wonders. I saw a complete change in how I acted, I was just all around happy and wanted to get things done. And I had the best day I've had with my daughter in years. So my question is, I made an appointment with my mom's primary care doctor because I don't have one and do not currently have insurance, but should I tell her that the reason I want to get Adderall is because of everything I just said? Because I hear it can sometimes be used for depression which I know I'm currently suffering but I don't want to be on it for the long term. I know I don't have ADHD or ADD but I was kind of planning on just going in there and being honest because I'm not there to be a drug seeker or drug abuser, I want my life to get better but there are many of days where I literally have to drag myself out of bed and I don't feel like doing anything. Anyway, sorry for rambling, thank you for the help.
rohvannyn responded:
Adderal is an amphetimene. AKA "speed." I can understand why it would make you want to get out of bed and give you motivation, that's what speed does. Technically I believe it's dextroamphetimine but same diff. I would be honest with your doctor, that way they can help you best and take all your history into account so they don't sabotage you by mistake.
rohvannyn replied to rohvannyn's response:
Here's some information about the drug itself, to help you a little better: Oral.aspx?drugid=63163&drugname=Adderall Oral&source=1

There are warnings about it being habit forming. Rather interesting reading, really. It reacts differently in your brain if you have ADD or ADHD, than if you don't.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
There was a similar post earlier. So be honest with your doc, but to be honest with you, not sure it is safe to have you on adderall or other addictive meds.. So- you need to build trust and rapport with your doc and see where that goes. There are other treatment outside of addictive ones that might help too

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