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Confusion becomes intense, physical symptoms?
grunesgryphon posted:
I wasn't sure what board to put this in, but I have some other symptoms of depression (in thoughts, at least, certainly) so unless someone moves it, I'll stick this here.
Basically, I'm 16 and haven't had a ~real~ school experience until last year and this year. Math, science and language are not my forte but when ANYTHING becomes very technical, I get confused. REALLY confused.
Now, there's "what?" which is how most people think of confused, but I mean to the point where I feel disoriented -- some odd disconnect in my sense of space and my senses of my body? -- a bit dizzy, my head hurts, my stomach feels halfway up my chest, I start uncontrollably wanting to scream and cry, and I stop being able to process plain English, whether or not it relates to whatever I was trying to be taught. I'm getting awful grades at my dream school because even the thought of being that profoundly confused again makes me super upset and feeling physically tight/wound-up for at least a couple of days (therefore, I can't ask for help.)
I don't even want to know what to do. I just want to know what it is, because no one I've spoken to has had any idea what I'm talking about. All I know is that confusion spirals into profound confusion which spirals into physical distress which spirals into an even deeper level of self loathing. If I could control this, I would.
(Maybe this belongs better in the Anxiety forum? I just don't know.)
Any hint or sign would be highly appreciated.
itmatsb responded:
I think that you should see a doctor or better yet a psychiatrist to get help with diagnosing and treating you with your problems. You can get much better, but you need to seek help. Or you could even start with a school counselor, but it sounds to me like you need medical help.
roxie8 responded:
When you say you haven't had any real school experience until last year, do you mean you were home schooled? I'm wondering if you are experiencing some kind of fear response...from too little previous social interaction, or you fear you are behind the other students. When I read your post, it sounded like you are becoming intensely afraid, which would certainly give you a physical reaction. Perhaps you get so much adrenaline in your system that it overpowers your ability to think.
Go to a doctor. Tell the doctor what you are experiencing and get a good physical workup to see if something medically is causing it. The doctor can then refer you to a psychiatrist if necessary

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