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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
windinmysails posted:

We all have heard the Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda but when I have asked experts or counselors if various techniques have worked for them they have admitted they haven't worked, or they really haven't tried them or they have innately always used them. I would like to hear what has actually worked for people who have had long term depression. For me what has helped is exercise (walking), travel, an alkaline diet, and being around positive people. However depression is always lurking in the background. The worst for me is confusion, forgetfulness, and constant self criticism. (I am not on medication) I am getting tired of the fight.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Hi- you want to hear from other patients- I hope they chime in.
If you do not like the ideas of 'medication'- exercise and diet are good and you have capitalized on those. Could use 10000lux of bright light therapy daily (again assuming you have been properly diagnosed as a depressive). Could try St Johns Wort, SAMe, Folate, or Fish Oil if you like over the counter medications and if you look up their risks first.
candlewalden responded:
Please read the book by Dr Abram Hoffer called "Niacin, the Real Story" on high B3 (niacin) supplementation and how many many doctors have successfully helped their depressed, schizophrenic, adhd, manic patients with B3 (niacin).