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Daily Difficulties
abail03 posted:
Why does life seem so hard when I know that it really isn't as bad as it feels? I am on a new anti-depressant as the last one I was on no longer worked for me (I took it for about 11 years, except during pregnancies). I have been taking it about 4 weeks now and I do feel better but some days I feel like I'm just fighting to make it through. But on the other hand I feel like I'm just floating along, again just trying to make it through another day. I really hate this but I dont know what to do next. My marriage and life at home is starting to suffer more than usual too. My husband and I work full time and have three kids ages 10, 5, and 3. I am doing the work of at least two people right now and it is a very time sensitive job that affects multiple people. We never seem to have any money so that is another thing that is always on my mind. I don't know if I am just depressed and it is causing everything else to suck or if something I am doing is causing the depression? UGH!!!
maydog responded:
I feel like I'm in a similar boat as you are. I'm a working mom with kids that are a bit older than yours. I have the same feeling that life is (unreasonably?) hard. When I look at my life from an outsiders view it doesn't seem that bad, but every single day I struggle to face it. And any thing that pops up (a broken down car, or a pipe bursting) throws me over the edge. We've never seem to be able to get a head financially even though we've tried so hard to. I feel your pain. I'm not sure if you are or even CAN cause your depression. But I feel you.
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
Hi. So you seem torn in a lot of directions and are stressed. Do you see a therapist? A med can help your symptoms to some degree but doesn't change the stress or coping with the stress. These things likely trigger the depression to come back. 3 kids and a job is tough so try to get your stress levels addressed.
abail03 replied to Thomas L Schwartz, MD's response:
I do not currently see a therapist, but I think it is time I seek one. When I took a moment to consider your statement about coping with the stress, I realized that you are correct and I don't think it is something I can deal with on my own at this point. I definitely need help with that. Thanks so much for your post, it has really opened my eyes.