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Any Advice for treatment?
thinkthinkthink posted:
I'm a 21 year old male in college and I feel like I've tried everything. I have type 1 diabetes and depression and I'm enrolled in college and living at home. It's really difficult to handle all three because my parents don't even help. I feel like all they do is criticize my grades and yell at me for being lazy even though I work my butt off just trying to do simple things. I've done research on depression and I think that I could get better without drugs but nothing seems to work. I eat a very healthy diet and take omega 3 and I exercise at least an hour a day but I still feel awful. I also have GERD which causes my throat to be in pain often. I keep thinking that if I eat healthy organic food, exercise, take the right supplements and don't drink fluoride or chlorine I'll be fine but it's hard to stick to this plan because I don't see results even though scientifically I know they should be there. I feel like I'm in over my head but can't talk to anyone about this, I used to go to therapy but hated the way my parents treated me when I was going and it wasn't effective. I've tried St. John's Wart and I've eaten Salmon for Vitamin D in case that was contributing (SAD) but I seem to be in a permanent rut. I know that chromium has been effective in treating depression but haven't found that effective either, does anyone have anything else I could try? I would be willing to try therapy again if there were a way I could get treatment without anyone knowing, I hate being treated like an invalid because I'm going through a rough patch which is what seems to happen if people find out I'm in therapy. Any Advice would be helpful. Thanks!
Thomas L Schwartz, MD responded:
So therapy makes sense to me. Possibly an antidepressant. Sounds like you are tortured by your symptoms but somehow are avoiding getting them fixed due to anxiety about therapy or taking meds. If you want to feel better pls get help