Depression affects physical health?
rusted posted:

I am 16-year-old girl. I've been having chest pains (general chest area) and burning sensations. My parents took me to many doctors (almost 5 to 6 doctors) and got it confirmed that it was not heart or stomach related. But the last one told that it was "stress-induced-gastritis"...It started two years ago - about the same time I started feeling very depressed. For the past month, the pain is getting very frequent and more intense. I stopped telling it to anybody because even after trying medications nothing happened and they are starting to think I am faking it or they just did not care. But since the pain is too much, I am worried. Can it be because of depression? It usually passes over time if I don't think about it. So is it very serious or will it go away with time? Oh, if this information helps, I do have almost all the symptoms of depression and the pain comes almost always when I am upset and low (which is very frequent).

rohvannyn responded:
Hi there, R!
Since you have seen so many doctors, I would say it's quite likely that anxiety and/or depression is the cause of your trouble. People say 'it's all in your head," like that makes everything better. But our minds have tremendous power over our sensations! We can literally think ourselves sick. In the absence of other physical causes, it can cause sensations that can mimic many diseases and disorders. And it's not always that easy to tell the difference.

Your brain is like a computer that controls the powerplant, sensing organs, and peripherals that are your body. Everything is fed through that computer in your skull. It's good news though... as your anxiety and depression get better, so will your pain, if it was caused by that. Since your parents sound like they want you to feel better too, could you tell them how you are feeling, and that you think you might need counseing or other help? Also, check the resources here, there is help available.