Death defeats e living
An_254729 posted:
Seriously... Y do I need to fight e battle to live on if knowing tat living is but a cycle of life n definitely not a legacy by me!!! I don't wanna c any doc cos I ain't no spare $$$ fo e fee.. Wish i cld die naturally n soon n thus my death cld benefit those whom I lov... But how!! ;(
rohvannyn responded:
I can tell you are going through a difficult time. I have asked the same question before too. The only answer I have is, you are alive now. You have your life right now, with the resources you have (even if you don't have much) and your experiences.

Do you want to do something with that, or waste any progress you have made this far? As long as you are breathing, as long as you can communicate, you have the chance to contribute something to someone. I believe in reincarnation, so I could theoretically die and then "roll the dice" and hope for a better outcome next time. But I might get a worse situation, and meanwhile I will have learned nothing from this life. This decision is one that only you can make.

I would suggest that you work on learning something new. Whether it is a hobby or a school subject or just a new book, try to learn something new. You can best help your loved ones by healing yourself so you can be happier together. There are tools and resources out there. There are people who have been there and who understand.

I really hope things get better for you.
7allie replied to rohvannyn's response:
I can only say thank you Rohvannyn.