Prozac help
mommieof20102 posted:
My Dr took me off my Celexa about 2 mths ago, i was on 40mg but due to the heart issues that are arising from the med they switched me and now, my weight is getting out of hand! After I started it, I kept feeling hungry and was trying to control it, i thought i was doing ok...
Also, anyone have any problems with blood sugar issues or anything like that??
I also have PCOS and had a partial hysto 3 yrs ago, left only one ovary..

Any information would be greatly appreciated... Starting to really hate myself like this
Anon_6061 responded:
Hi. Sorry no one responded. I just happened across your post. You didn't say how long you have been depressed but I also had a hysterectomy and it triggered suicidal depression. I figured it must be loss of hormones so I started taking estrogen. And after some tweaking of the dosage (initially I was on too low of a dose), my depression was cured. It was frustrating getting to this point because doctors wanted me to take an
anti-depressant and I kept telling them it must be hormonal!

Even though you have one ovary, it may have failed which is pretty common after hysterectomy.