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Fired After 6 Years
photoenthusiast posted:
I am a new participant and having read some posts, articles and talking to a couple of friends, I feel like I am in the depression stage myself.

I was fired in June, it was a very humiliating experience. Can you imagine how I felt having to look at my family and tell them??

So many times during the week I have tears because I feel I have no purpose, I have overwhelming guilt. I have explained the circumstances to a few people whose opinion I value and they all say it was not my fault, my former work has since fired many many others and still others have quit or been transferred, but Im having a very difficult time. I see other family go to work and I stay home each day, wondering why I have to get out of bed.

I am active looking for work, have a few leads this week, but the guilt just lingers. I sometimes am unmotivated to do anything and sometimes lose track of time and all of a sudden it is 1pm and where did the time go?

I put things off because I dont have motivation to do anything and that adds extra worry and anxiety cause then I stress over the additional things I have to deal with to clear things up, I panic about money and, well could go on and on, but I think everyone understands. Blah, just cant seem to shake this
diytestkitsdotcom responded:

Hi photoenthusiast,

Losing a job is not something to feel guilty about unless you did something illegal or something really bad at work. Getting fired or losing a job is a possibility for anyone (unless you own the company), don't ever forget that. It is neither a crime nor a sin, so guilt is not a feeling you should give in to.

You are depressed, that's understandable. You probably feel like the rug was swept from under you, unbalancing your footing in the process. It is a stage you have to go through before you can accept what happened, then move on.

However, do not dwell too long on it because it might have a lasting effect which can affect your life negatively. Rather than mope around all day, try to do those things that can make you feel alive and energized.

You need a reason to wake up every morning? Get into an exercise routine like jogging - preferably in the early mornings, so you can proceed to cooking everyone's breakfast. This will really surprise them on the first days. It will most likely make them admire you not only for the effort, but also for the conscious decision to look at the brighter side as you continue on. After that do some job hunting on the internet or even around your area, whichever works for you at certain days.

Take a nap in the early afternoon or read all those books you never had time for while working. In the late afternoon, try to take nice long strolls just to see the beauty in everything and in living. Get in touch with yourself, remember long forgotten dreams, or map out future plans.

This will bring back all the hope and will to strive once again. And if you're really feeling up to it, help with dinner as well. Spend time with the family and reacquaint yourself with all their nuances. Volunteer yourself for some of their errands like getting groceries or simply taking out the trash, this will make you feel more useful and help get rid of all the guilt.

Lastly, enjoy some nice tunes before going to bed to keep the good vibes flowing. Don't give up just yet, it's too early for that.

Hopefully you'll feel better soon!

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