Depression Advice
An_254816 posted:

I am seeking some advice and/or feedback about a situation my brother is having right now.

He is married with two young children and has been having increasingly frequent issues with his wife having very extreme mood swings. He has confided in me because he doesn't have anyone else to talk to.

His wife stays up very late and has problems sleeping. She has a history of anxiety problems, and was taking medication for anxiety at one point. He often tells me stories of her mood changing to very negative and abusive in the evening. When she drinks it gets very bad and she sometimes becomes verbally abusive to their kids (never physically abusive).

Usually when these episodes happen, she acts like nothing ever happened when they talk about it the next day. My brother has made numerous attempts to discuss this situation with his wife, and offered to attend therapy with her, but she always resists. He attempted to talk to his mother-in-law but she shrugged it off and was offended that he brought it up.

She also has some problems with alcohol abuse. He has recently stopped buying any alcohol to keep in the house because she'll drink all of it when he goes to bed. And when she drinks in public she usually gets very intoxicated and causes some embarrassing situations for them if they're at parties or public places.

Recently my brother told me that his daughter has started referring to her mothers episodes as 'when mommy acts kooky' and said that 'mommy is mean to her' when she gets in those moods.

My brother feels like he is running out of options and he's getting desperate because he now sees that this situation is starting to affect his children. Unless he can convince his wife to seek medical help for these issues, he doesn't think he has any way to deal with it. He sincerely wants to help her not only for his children's sake, but because he really loves his wife and wants to save his marriage.

I told him I'd try to get some advice on how he can deal with this situation.

If anyone out there has advice or has dealt with similar situations, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.