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Too much
littlegirlinhiding posted:
I am going through way too much crap right now. I am getting divorced and dealing with the nasty court system all on my own since I can't afford a lawyer, a couple of friends who were originally being supportive turned against me because I won't accept their verbal abuse (which is the reason I am divorcing my husband), and I have been sick with a sinus infection since the beginning of November and will probably need surgery (had the same surgery last year) so I am not able to work a lot right now and I am being criticized for that. Another friend who I talk to sometimes about things always says "you are not the only one dealing with nasty people." Well, I never said I was the only one and thank god for that, I don't want to be the only one going through such stressful and upsetting situations. It hurts when those who say they are your friends turn against you and then you feel all alone and nobody wants to say anything supportive, only critical. I am the one who so often listens to others problems and is supportive, but then when I reach out and need something it becomes this imposition and I am ostracized when I try to bring anything up about it. Aarg!!!!
sheri1981 responded:
If it helps to hear, I know how you feel. Last year I was hospitalized for my depression and had a breakdown. I was married to the wrong guy, filed for divorce, quit my mentally abusive job and I am now living at home with my parents with no money to my name, just two small dogs and me. No job,divorced, and trying to make it. Your friends are scared and don't know what to do, so they think 'tough love' will help. Try to be patient. I find if someone can't help me or be positive, I stay away. If they make me feel bad about myself, I's why I'm no longer married. Try to find who is good for you, and do one nice thing a day for you... Don't know if this helps. I'm in a hole right now and sometimes reaching out helps me too....
littlegirlinhiding replied to sheri1981's response:
It helps to know that someone else is going through divorce like me and I am definitely staying away from people who behave in certain ways (that is also why I am getting divorced) but that still leaves me alone to deal with all this divorce crap and the pathetic, nasty court system one has to go through to get a divorce, and when I think someone is a friend and then they suddenly turn on me it only increases my hurt and lonliness when I have to also stay away from that person. There are too many people I need to stay away from and too few who are supportive rather then critical. Whatever the circumstances, I am dealing with everything on my own, but I don't want to do it alone, but apparently I have to.
truckerwidow1 replied to littlegirlinhiding's response:
Many of us have to do things alone. You stated you don't want to be the only one going through such stressful and upsetting situations. I pray every day that less people have to go through upsetting situations. Maybe you should try to look at this a different way. Yes, the courts are nasty, but most judges are honest. Do you not have any city or state offices where you live that can help you with divorce matters? Especially with you not working much, some of them charge depending on your financial situation.
littlegirlinhiding replied to truckerwidow1's response:
What I stated was that I already know that I am not the only one going through all these things and that I am glad that I am not alone in it (if you read my original post carefully). And I tried to contact legal services with sliding scale or free services, but unfortunately they are not always what they claim to be. Divorce proceedings are almost over anyway.

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